A dedicated, simple-to-use Analyzer that expands the market beyond core labs.

Our Mission

Democratize MetabolomicsTM by developing the first fully integrated, easy-to-use Metabolomic AnalyzerTM.

What is Metabolomics?

Risk of Disease

Genes, RNA and Proteins suggest what might happen.

Actionable Information

Metabolism is the Phenotype. It shows what did happen and what’s happening now.

Problem + Solution

The Problem

  • The market can’t compare results from lab to lab due to a lack of standardization between labs.
  • Mass Spectrometrists act as gatekeepers through their own choices of technology and workflow.

The IPM Solution

Build an integrated, standardized Metabolomic AnalyzerTM Instrument


  • Complete automation
  • Certified reagents, consumables and software
  • Optimized workflows for different sample types


  • A plug and play instrument
  • Ease-of-use
  • Reproducible results

With a dedicated, simple-to-use Analyzer, the market expands beyond core labs to any scientific research lab interested in the application.


John Ryals, Ph.D.

Phone: (919) 949-0926
Email: john.ryals@ipmetabolomics.com